this is me

this is me

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shark mount!!!!

Well i got ahold of some new mount pictures that will come later in august... the shark mount! why do you think it will be a shark? possibly celestia is underwater, possibly its a floating shark, who knows! in other words what do you think celestia's story line will be? this is what i think: Merle: Young wizard, we need to get our wizardry book from the spirit world! so you walk to the portal to a spirit world, walk a little furthur, and you come across two demons! Demon of life: Wizarddddd prepareee to meet your DEATH! Demon of death: Wizard, i will drain the life out of your useless soul! You go into battle: Spirit of death has 3750 health, Spirit of life has 4350 health. You kill them, and receive the wizardry book and return to merle. Merle: you have done it! you have done it! you have received the wizardry book! what? whats this? its in celestian! go talk to harold, the librarian. you go to harold the librarian and he says: Harold: I cant seem to recognize this language go upstairs and look for a scroll. you go upstairs, take the scroll, and come back.Harold: well, this scroll tells me nothing about this language! Go talk to Zan'ne, he is more familiar with different languages. you go to krokotopia, and to the krokotopian library.
 you talk to Zan'ne: Zan'ne: ohhh its says that there are many more spells meet me in celestia, i am king triton, lord of celestia. (the spiral key to celestia has appeared) you bring the key to merle and tell him what the book says, so merle says: Merle: go to celestia and talk to King Triton, he will give you a quest. you walk to the spiral door and use the key, the world of celestia has appeared! you go to celestia and talk to King triton  in the throne room of the deep. King Triton: Wizard, behold, the castle of spirits! all of the spirits come here but they can not go out, if they do its over-for them. the great ruler of Darmacia has been taking over celestia! his castle is in that high cloud, the only way up is to beat the storm lord, yet we cant fight the stormlord yet, i know this is very annoying of how many things we have to do, but we have to do it if you want celestia to be free again! go talk to dimetre, for she has many knowledge of the ruler of Darmacia. you go talk to dimetre and she says: the ruler of Darmacia happens to be my dad, he has become very evil because the spirits of life and death have taken control of his mind! please defeat the raging triton and come back to me for a reward. you go to the raging riton he has 12300 health, you defeat him and go back to dimetre. Dimetre: now go and defeat the helephant, the centaur, the judgement, the orthrus, and the collosus, come back to me for 22844 xp. you guys can finish the rest.

The clothing of the day!

The clothing of the day is all commander gear and ascendant staff, yup, i know, its easy today xD

Item of the day!

Item of the day!! Today it is the minotaur statue, farmed from Karuvian Scargiver, this item is very rare, and hard to get.

Pet of the day!

Grimtooth is the pet of the day! to get this pet you mix orthrus and wraith, this is the pet of the day because of the glowing purple marks on its back, and of how cool it looks, reply to this post if you like grimtooth.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

your favorite pet on wizard101

personally my favorite pet is ice hound it is 7 pips that does 715 dmg without any buffs or defbuffs, pretty awesome